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We've excelled with many of our clients in the Greater Philadelphia area of the banking industry. Keeping financial data secure is where we thrive. We'd love to make you our next success!  

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Clients in this sector have been great to work with from non-profit to for profit institutions. Our vision to give back to the next generation starts with education. Empowering our future. 

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Profluent Solutions has worked with State and Federal Government agencies for network infrastructure projects. Another area we will have key knowledge to complete the job!

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Legal Services

From legal offices to lawyers, Profluent staff has had a hand in making sure all systems are a go for the judicial defenders to make a case. Presently we anchor the needs of legal teams in the Greater Philadelphia area! 

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Our list of clients contains doctors, dentist, therapist, psychologist and hospitals. The health insurance portability and accountability Act (HIPAA) is one of the cornerstones for both regulatory compliance and healthcare cybersecurity. Hospitals, insurance companies, and healthcare providers all need to follow a HIPAA compliance checklist to safeguard private and sensitive patient data. We just simplify the ask. 

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A very important part of our growing economy. We know businesses in this industry provide valuable services and non-material goods. You are essential to delivering services to the public. Let us take care of your everyday network needs as you take care of the people!

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