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Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves here at Profluent in providing an excellent client experience that your team will value through the lifetime of your company. With our combined 100+ years of experience in the IT industry, you can trust that our team of Pros will study and understand your business, allowing us to create solutions that are unique to your needs. 

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We provide a 30 day proof of concept phase. This enables you the guidance through basic to complex issues including implementation, user training, integration, remote and onsite service asset management and more. 

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We are proven! Many of our staff have worked with an array of different client industries. This gives us the advantage to provide our clients with a wide range of knowledge and tools that will ensure success for your IT department. No matter the size and or level of experience, we guarantee solutions for our clients business. 

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Profluent wants to protect your company from unnecessary IT outages. Network downtime can cost small businesses $423 per minute. For larger organizations, that loss can be over $9,000 per minute. Protection of your company's integrity will be our personal endeavor. 

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We have developed a team that doesn't believe in cutting corners. Each of our staff members have been vetted and demonstrates an understanding that providing our clients with solutions are a must. With our high standard of practice, our IT services are valued greatly, allowing peace of mind in a rapidly paced industry. Allow us to help your business keep pace in this ever evolving rat race, we call the digital age. 


We've partnered with some of best in the technological industry to bring you solutions that will assist in leading to your overall success. Our network designs are made to last up to 5 years before refresh is needed. The idea is to make your purchase, an investment. 

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